Valeriya Naumova

Head of Data Science / Cognite
Valeriya holds a PhD in applied mathematics and machine learning from Austrian Academy of Sciences. Currently, she is the Head of Data Science in Cognite which is Norway’s first tech unicorn, and a global leader in industrial SaaS that drives the digital transformation in asset-heavy industries around the world. Prior to that, Valeriya worked at Simula Research Laboratory where she held various positions in research, scientific management, and R&D consulting. At the upcoming conference, her insights are poised to engage and enlighten the attendees, providing valuable perspectives on data’s and AI role in education and industry.

We discuss the role of AI in the classroom, focusing on opportunities and challenges of designing tools that foster true critical thinking. AI-driven tools can offer personalized learning experiences, adapt to individual student needs, and provide valuable insights to educators. However, ethical concerns, data privacy issues, and the need for equitable access are challenges that must be addressed. The presentation envisions a future where AI empowers educators and learners, creating a dynamic educational landscape that fosters genuine critical thinking.